How Jhon Scaled His Minecraft Business With Hostinger

How Jhon Scaled His Minecraft Business With Hostinger

After discovering the profitability of selling Minecraft constructions, Jhon Ortega knew he needed a website for his business, Netherix Studios. His search for a fast and intuitive hosting service led him to Hostinger. Read the story of how Jhon has become a self-taught webmaster and grown his business with our services.

The Background

Jhon’s entrepreneurial story started in Colombia when he was ten years old. As an avid Minecraft player, he spent days and nights building Minecraft worlds with friends from all over the globe.

As Jhon grew up, he became more skilled in building Minecraft constructions and maps and saw other players selling similar stuff online. Naturally, Jhon started looking into ways to earn money selling his own creations.

The Challenges

At first, Jhon used Discord to sell his maps. Eventually, he decided to build a website to make his business look more professional and automate his sales.

His first platform was a freemium website builder, which let him create a site for free using a subdomain. However, the limited eCommerce features forced him to look for other options.

Jhon then moved to one of the most popular web hosting brands in Latin America. Unfortunately, the provider’s dashboard lacked user-friendliness, making it hard for him to find everything he needed to run his website.

It was just after watching some tutorials on YouTube that he was able to set up one WordPress eCommerce website on a shared hosting plan. From there, Jhon started earning more money from his Minecraft creations.

As Jhon’s business grew, he wanted to invest more in his website. However, he started looking into more intuitive hosting alternatives as he was getting frustrated with the current provider.

After some research, he discovered Hostinger.

Jhon’s Journey With Hostinger

Jhon first discovered Hostinger’s Premium Shared Hosting plan, which he found to be suitable for his needs.

The hPanel’s user-friendly interface lets him set up his hosting account within a few seconds of purchase. The migration process of his domain name and WordPress website also went smoothly and quickly, thanks to the help of our Customer Success team and a vast library of Hostinger Tutorials.

Quote by Jhon on how Hostinger's control panel is easy to use

Down the line, however, he found some complications. His websites were using up a high amount of resources due to the WordPress Cron Job misconfiguration, which caused them to get suspended. In the end, he decided to upgrade from Premium Shared Hosting to VPS 2 to scale his online business further.

Migrating From Shared to VPS Hosting

When you’re a beginner, transitioning from shared hosting to VPS can be a tough learning curve.

Short for a virtual private server, this type of hosting is better-suited for advanced users with a fast-growing website or web project. An example is creating a Minecraft game server, which Hostinger also offers a service for.

Since VPS is a self-managed service, clients are responsible for their hosting setup. If you need help, our global and multilingual Customer Success team is always available to assist you, and our Hostinger Tutorials has 190+ guides dedicated to the VPS configuration and maintenance.

With the help of YouTube videos and Hostinger Tutorials, Jhon spent around two weeks setting up his VPS for his websites.

Despite the initial struggles, there was a silver lining. Every error Jhon faced made him more skilled at website and hosting management. Plus, thanks to the scalability of his VPS plan, he managed to grow his Minecraft construction business. In fact, he went from earning $30/month to $2000/month.

Quote by Jhon on how Hostinger has helped them grow their website building and maintenance skills

Upgrading to Cloud Hosting

When we got in touch with Jhon, we offered to migrate his websites to Cloud Hosting – a popular choice for online stores and startup websites.

Compared to VPS, Cloud Hosting is much more beginner-friendly as it comes with hPanel. What’s more, the high-speed CPUs and integrated caching can make your website incredibly fast while it handles a large amount of traffic.

With his VPS experience and a 30-minute chat with our Customer Success agent, Jhon successfully migrated all of his websites manually to his new Cloud Startup plan in a single day. Now, he can run his online business with ease.

What’s Next?

Jhon represents Hostinger’s key mission – empowering users to build success online. As he said, “Creating a website is a big step for all businesses, but doing so will make your brand more professional and give it more visibility throughout the internet.”

Up next, Jhon has his eyes on the official Minecraft marketplace, where he can start building eye-catching projects for the entire Minecraft community. A famous American game YouTuber has also recently asked him to build a project.

On his experience with Hostinger, Jhon shared, “In general, it’s very easy to host a site on Hostinger. The hPanel is simple to use since you will find everything in one place. The Hostinger guides have also been helpful for the maintenance and support of my websites.”

Be it Shared Hosting, VPS, or Cloud Hosting, Hostinger is proud to have empowered Jhon in his entrepreneurial journey.

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