Hostinger Ranks #1 on Website Planet’s List

Hostinger Ranks #1 on Website Planet’s List

“Hostinger offers website hosting products including shared hosting services. Their shared hosting provides an excellent mix of usability and advanced features. While Hostinger’s features are fantastic, the biggest selling point for their product is their success team. They are remarkably knowledgeable and will help you create the best site possible.” – James Guill, Web Hosting Expert of Website Planet.

Website Planet is a team of experts specialized in web hosting and website building. Over the years, the site has reviewed thousands of web hosting providers. Name any – you will find it on their list.

This time, Website Planet honors Hostinger as the best of the very best, scoring 4.9/5.

A Great Achievement

Ranking number one on Website Planet’s list of 1097 web hosting providers is a great achievement to Hostinger. It means a lot for the Hostinger brand, proving that those sleepless nights of hard work and tinkering have definitely paid off.

We do not intend to slow down. Hostinger will continue to push forward at the highest speed possible, just like we’ve been doing from the very start.

We would like to dedicate this to our customers – Hostinger could never prosper without them.

Hostinger will keep striving to reach new heights and set new standards for the industry – whether it’s breaking the mold by forgoing industry-standard cPanel with our very own custom-developed hPanel or the technological breakthroughs we work on each day to improve speed, security, and ease of use.

At the end of the day, we want Hostinger to be an easily accessible all-in-one platform that helps our customers succeed online. You can learn more about our vision in this Website Planet interview.

“We have positioned ourselves as the fastest hosting provider with data to back that up. We want to become the new industry standard for speed, so we’re always developing the best and newest technologies, such as our proprietary hPanel.” – Balys Krikščiūnas, CEO at Hostinger.

A Remarkable Customer Experience

Hostinger is completely dedicated to its customers. We pledge absolute loyalty towards our users and we do everything to keep them happy with our services.

It is etched in our DNA – it’s the driving force of our organization. If you’ve not heard our story, we had a modest start in 2004. Tens of millions of users later, Hostinger is growing like never before, hosting all kinds of websites across the globe.

Our mighty Customer Success team has made the utmost contribution – huge props to them. Upon review, we knew that immediate support assistance is the top priority. Therefore, response time is key. The only sensible solution to achieve that was to go completely live and scrap the traditional ticket system. With customers’ needs in mind, we strive to help them in any way possible.

We switched to a live chat system and as a result, our response time went down from hours to minutes.

Additionally, we provide a comprehensive knowledge base. We have divided our guides into several categories so that it’s easier to look something up. We guarantee that everything will be novice-friendly, right from the start.

Hostinger’s library of tutorials serves as “the silent advisor” for our customers since everything is ready at their fingertips.

It is just a couple of examples of how we look for the best solution in Hostinger. Such standards can only be achieved through a customer-centric approach and by viewing our customers as individuals. You can read Hostinger’s customer success story in more detail here.

Hostinger will not stop evolving. We will do our best for you.

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Daugirdas J.

Daugirdas is the Chief Marketing Officer at Hostinger. With plenty of experience scaling business operations around the world, he loves the fast-paced startup environment and is always looking for new opportunities to drive Hostinger’s growth. Daugirdas values effectiveness, brevity, and honesty – they guide his approach to business as much as his love for rock & roll.