Hostinger Receives TOP Ratings From Experts

Hostinger Receives TOP Ratings From Experts

Our vision here at Hostinger is to enable millions of people around the globe to unlock the power of the Internet and empower them to learn, create, and grow.

The positive feedback from our clients motivates us a lot. We believe that the happiness our customers spread around is the best evaluation of all the work we do to improve our services.


The combination of hard work and client trust enabled us to achieve explosive growth during the past years. As a result, Hostinger attracted a lot of attention from leading tech experts. did an in-depth review of our services and rated them with a perfect 5/5 score! Here is the comment from Laura Stamey, Hosting Expert @

“Even though more than 29 million people around the world trust Hostinger to provide reliable and high-performing services and support, the company doesn’t carry quite the same name recognition as other mainstream and US-based hosting providers. Nonetheless, the Lithuanian-headquartered host provides around-the-clock support, SSD-powered hosting, and cheap domain name registrations on par with the best in the business. Combined with the company’s truly stellar control panel, we wholeheartedly recommend Hostinger to prospective customers looking for a choice off the beaten path.” 

Read the full review HERE.

We Are Not Planning to Stop!

The perfect rating from industry experts is great proof that we are moving in the right direction. So we would like to thank all our customers for making this happen and promise to continue to improve!


Team Hostinger

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Daugirdas Jankus / @daugirdasjankus

Chief Marketing Officer @ Hostinger

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