Hostinger Commended as an Outstanding Hosting Service by FinancesOnline

Hostinger Commended as an Outstanding Hosting Service by FinancesOnline

Hostinger has come a long way since 2004, becoming the company serving over 1.2 million users to date. This number speaks for itself – Hostinger is a proven world-class web hosting platform millions rely on for expressing their freedom online.

This proves that customers believe in Hostinger for powering their operations. Even media outlets vouch for our hosting services, with respected analytical platform FinancesOnline recently giving Hostinger a glowing recommendation and two prestigious industry awards.

Garnering an 8.8 overall score and a perfect 100% user satisfaction rating on FinancesOnline, Hostinger is seen as a gold standard among the top hosting services in the industry. FinancesOnline’s business software experts attribute this to affordable hosting price, exceptional services, and top-of-the-line technology.

According to FinancesOnline, Hostinger makes the lives of developers easy thanks to its “fast, stable and streamlined web hosting services.” The review platform also commended our Hostinger pricing plans for providing economical options that deliver “good value for money.”

In addition, Hostinger was awarded the 2018 Great User Experience and 2018 Rising Star awards. These industry accomplishments serve as a testament to Hostinger’s quality user experience and highly positive feedback from customers.

At Hostinger, anyone can find an affordable web hosting plan for their work requirements. Make sure to visit our website and get in touch to learn how much does it cost to host a website. We guarantee 99.9% uptime as well so you can enjoy smooth online sailing.

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