Hostinger & CoinGate: Expanding Opportunities in Crypto Payments

Hostinger & CoinGate: Expanding Opportunities in Crypto Payments

Hostinger notices the constantly increasing demand for crypto payments among web hosting service users. Therefore, we are excited to announce the partnership with CoinGate, one of the largest cryptocurrency payment services providers. With this collaboration, we expect to improve the quality and functionality of services for customers.

About CoinGate

CoinGate is a Lithuanian fintech company developing payment solutions for companies seeking to accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as payment methods. Over seven years, already more than 1.5 million orders were executed in the settlement system using various tools: e-commerce plugins, flexible API, email billing, and more – all of which provide the opportunity to get paid in crypto and get fiat payouts to a bank account. 

Broadening Crypto Payment Opportunities for Customers

Hostinger constantly develops and improves payment services offered to customers according to the changing market needs. We plan to use the full range of the cryptocurrencies provided by CoinGate and aim not to limit our customers’ choices. We are ready to give them the freedom to choose their currency based on their personal preferences. Additionally, the option to pay with cryptocurrencies will be available for all Hostinger locales, including .com, .es, .br, and many others. 

Hostingers’ Head of Payments Gediminas Griška states, “CoinGate gives everything we expect from a crypto payment provider. There is a vast selection of cryptocurrencies, an easy payment flow with all the details needed for the customers to complete transactions seamlessly. All these elements are packed into a brilliant UI. As cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more popular, we believe it is important to offer them to our customers. While the crypto world might be a bit complicated, choosing the right partner is necessary. That’s why we choose CoinGate. Not only do we have the option to offer different types of cryptocurrencies, but we are also able to control the volatility risk by converting crypto to fiat instantly, which is one of CoinGate’s features we enjoy the most.”

Risk Management and Ensuring the Quality

Payment partners are vital to the success of any business, and Hostinger is not an exception. To give customers more freedom to pay for our services in cryptocurrencies, we have chosen a payment provider who takes regulatory risks very seriously. By applying the highest standards to the quality and security of our services, we stop attempts to abuse and operate outside the law quickly and efficiently, regardless of the type of payment for services.

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