Latest WordPress Hosting Updates

Latest WordPress Hosting Updates

Fast growth comes with rapid adaptation to the latest technological advancements. To maintain maximum speed and efficiency for our customers, we constantly improve our servers’ infrastructure with advanced solutions, including LiteSpeed, caching, security matters, pre-installed plugins, and auto migrations.

Hostinger makes every step of building a website intuitive for beginners and straightforward for web professionals by offering a full package for hosting WordPress sites.

Let’s have a look at the recent WordPress hosting updates that help improve the customer experience.

WordPress Migrations Automated

We offer an in-house developed and fully automated way to migrate websites – users just have to provide their WordPress admin panel’s URL, login credentials, and the login information of their previous hosting account. Once it’s verified, Hostinger will migrate their WordPress websites in just one click.

LiteSpeed Cache Plugin

After boosting LiteSpeed initiatives, we’re thrilled to highlight the results that benefit our customers! Performed tests show users’ websites loading four times faster for WordPress with LiteSpeed Enterprise Web Server supported by Hostinger’s servers. This makes the most out of WordPress when combined with the LiteSpeed Cache plugin for WordPress – one of the best cache plugins for WordPress to improve performance and reduce resource usage.

Upgrade Options

Upgrade Recommendation

We understand that clients may not check the resource analytics of their hosting service often. As a result, they might not notice when their websites start getting more traffic and using more server resources. For this reason, we’ve implemented the Upgrade Recommendation feature.

When the plan resources limits are reached, we point them out and identify how long they lasted in the Order Usage section in hPanel. We suggest customers upgrade to the next plan on a ladder based on the hit limit. We don’t recommend upgrading if there is a minimum threshold and limits were hit for a short time.

This element is affected by the LiteSpeed Cache feature – we strongly recommend installing the LSCache plugin first to reduce load and improve response time. We also send email notifications each day after the limit was reached (no more than once a month).

There are two options to upgrade:

1. Upgrade without paying additional fees – by reducing the renewal date.

2. Usual upgrade flow by paying and extending the expiration date.

New File Manager

Our new File Manager gives you direct access to website files and allows users to edit, delete, extract, move within folders, or import files directly to the server. Also, it calculates directory sizes and finds out which ones are using the most space.

Based on users’ feedback and requests, recent File Manager updates increased file upload size and introduced a Trash folder, inodes and size indicators for files and folders. Additionally, it improved Files/Folders Download functionality so that users can select required download types.

Self-Transfer (Data Center Change)

As Hostinger has data centers in many regions worldwide, clients often ask our Customer Success agents to change the Data Center location. It is no longer needed – a new self-transfer service is introduced so that clients can initiate the transfer independently at a convenient time. It’s completely automatic and free.

This feature is most efficiently used with Access Logs (see the detailed description below) by checking where most of your visitors are coming from and transferring your hosting plan to the nearest data center location by yourself. 

Soon, we will automatically analyze website visitors’ traffic and recommend transfer to the nearest location to benefit from this and always have the fastest response time due to the short distance to the data center. 

Website Access Logs 

Access Logs is a convenient tool that shows all important information related to your website visits: which countries your websites get the most views from, which devices your visitors use, and many more. An updated feature allows users to take a closer look at the type/number of the requests your websites are getting, including the data on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis. 

It can also detect unwanted traffic and help mitigate security issues by identifying if users’ websites are under DDoS attack.

Hosting Activity Logs / Changes History

The activity log is a useful feature if you wish to see every action that you make on your account in one place. 

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