CWB Consultancy Reduced Hosting Costs Eight Times After Migrating to Hostinger

CWB Consultancy Reduced Hosting Costs Eight Times After Migrating to Hostinger

High uptime, value for money, and responsive support are the three critical features Chris was missing from his previous web host. As a part-time web agency owner, he must ensure that all his clients’ sites can run smoothly without his constant supervision. Learn how moving to Hostinger has solved all of his problems and more. 


Chris W. Balmer is a senior IT manager in Suffolk, the UK. On the side, he runs CWB Consultancy, a web agency he took over from a friend 15 years ago. He now has over twenty clients, ranging from holiday cottage rentals and museums to logistics companies. 


Chris wears many hats in his business, from taking care of his clients’ web development to ensuring their sites run smoothly in all areas. As a result, having a reliable web hosting provider is essential to Chris’s business success.

However, he faced several problems with his previous hosting provider.

First was unreliability. Chris purchased shared hosting for himself and his clients, which is normally suitable for multiple small to medium-sized websites. Unfortunately, the one he used frequently experienced downtime. 

“The shared server was constantly going offline because another website on it was having a problem – nothing was compartmentalized. The downtime could occur once or even twice a day,” Chris explained.

The second was the price. “After the downtime disaster, I was essentially forced to upgrade my web hosting package and move to a server with a larger capacity. We ended up paying around £800/year, which was a fair amount of money.”

Poor support was also a major problem. A year ago, the company experienced an infrastructure problem and had to migrate some accounts to a different server. However, Chris was never contacted about this.

During that time, some of his clients’ websites went offline, and some were even deleted completely. 

When he finally got in touch with a representative through chat, they couldn’t assist him. Instead, they moved the problem to their administrator team, who then contacted Chris via email. “If you got a response within a week, you were lucky.”

These issues happened so frequently that they started interfering with Chris’s full-time job. Rather than focusing on how to run his business, he had to take care of his hosting provider’s problems. 

“I had to deal with my clients and tell them why the system was offline, or they weren’t getting emails, which was horrendously embarrassing.”


When Chris was looking for hosting company alternatives, the name Hostinger kept coming up. After conducting some research and talking to people who migrated to us, he decided to try our services.

Chris purchased a Business Shared Hosting plan for himself first. He contacted a Customer Success agent to help migrate his website and emails, who responded with step-by-step instructions. 

Chris W. Balmer sharing his positive website migration experience with Hostinger, explaining how site and emails were moved within a day with no downtime

Because of this positive migration experience, he decided to move all his clients to Hostinger.

During our chat with Chris, he raved about our Customer Success agents. 

After the transfer, an incident happened to one of his websites. He hesitated to reach out to our specialists, thinking they might be unable to help him. When he did, they returned with clear instructions on how to solve the issue, which was fixed in less than an hour.

“The beauty is that no matter whom I speak to on the live chat support – whether they’re from the US, Lithuania, or Asia – the level of knowledge is consistently high. They provided solutions that would give me exactly the result I was looking for. To get that level of detail is just amazing.”

Besides English, our Customer Success team speaks nine other languages. We have agents living across the globe, ready to assist you 24/7. You can also check out our knowledge base for frequently asked questions and a library of website-building tutorials.

Another feature Chris was impressed with was hPanel – our own custom-built web hosting control panel. 

“I like that I can easily access everything in hPanel – whether it’s emails, File Manager, or databases. It’s all here logically grouped together, so you don’t need to dive all over the place. Extra things that are really nice are PageSpeed Insights integration, Malware Scanner, and Access Logs to see how many people visited your website.” 

As a WordPress user, Chris appreciated how easy it is to manage all of his websites from the dashboard.

“With the old hosting provider, if I had around 25 websites, I would need to log in to each admin panel one by one, run an update, log out, and go to the next one – which takes a long time. With hPanel, the update button is right on the dashboard, and I can move across different websites in a matter of minutes.”

Chris and his clients also noticed a massive security and performance improvement within a month after the migration. 

Chris W. Balmer sharing the results of moving to Hostinger; that is, his clients experienced a significant reduction in spam and improvement in website performance

For instance, the Bentwaters Cold War Museum’s website saw a major increase in its GTMetrix performance score – going from 80% to 95%. Its Largest Contentful Paint significantly dropped from 3224 to 638 milliseconds.

GTMetrix results for Bentwaters Cold War Museum's website. The performance score is 95%

Chris went from paying £800/year to around £100/year to host his website – eight times less than what he used to spend. And with everything running smoothly, he can now spend less time worrying about his clients’ websites. 

“When I was with the previous provider, I felt their problems began affecting my day job. I was getting calls from furious clients during the daytime, and I needed to jump in and try to understand what was happening. Now, I don’t hear a thing.”


Chris summed up his decision to migrate to Hostinger as the best thing for his business he’s done in ten years.

“It’s just so solid. I work in IT myself, dealing with lots of suppliers globally. Some are phenomenal, and some of them are very bad. I don’t use Hostinger for professional use, but I wish I could because you are so bloody good.”

We’re happy to have helped Chris save money and offer his clients the best service while balancing his full-time job with his side hustle. No matter what Chris needs, our Customer Success team will always be ready to help him.

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