We Deliver Customer Success

We Deliver Customer Success

At Hostinger, customer obsession is our #1 priority. No matter which team we’re working with, the one and only goal for all of us is the same – to help our clients succeed in every single step of their online journey. That’s the reason we call our support team ‘Customer Success Specialists.’

Why Do Customers Love Our Support?

Because we’re close to them and we speak their language!

  • Hostinger has 4 Customer Success centers worldwide and remotely working colleagues from five countries that are all ready to help our customers.
  • Our support comes in 20 different languages for people to feel comfortable and welcomed.
  • In most countries, we’re accessible 24/7/365 to make our customers’ web mastering journey as smooth as possible.
  • On average, we respond in less than 2 minutes so people don’t have to wait long.

People get the best possible solution combined with skyrocketed response times and extra tips brimming with compassion and positivity.

4 Components of Hostinger Customer Support

  • Empathy
  • Correct Approach
  • Relevance
  • Efficiency

We understand our customers’ mindset, dive deep into their problem, and support them with love and care.

What Helps Us Improve Our Customer Support?

  • Feedback from clients. It drives us forward. It even pushed us toward Intercom Live Chats so that our clients could get the fastest response times possible.
  • OKR (Objectives and Key Results) and Monthly meetings. We track our quarterly and weekly performance to adjust to our users’ growing needs.
  • “360-degree reviews”. We’ve borrowed this peer-review concept from Montessori schools and it keeps each of us accountable, enabling higher quality customer service.
  • Happiness score. The more amazing support, the higher is the happiness score! We promote friendly competition with each other, and our clients benefit from it the most.

To wrap everything up, exceptional customer support is a part of the Hostinger identity. Every single day we strive to exceed our clients’ expectations because receiving great support pleasantly surprises them and makes them feel happy and appreciated.

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Eglė Goleckytė / @eglegoleckyte

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tanuja Reply

October 15, 2019

Good service providers


Святослав Reply

May 22, 2019

why i didn`t see anything post about how you improve you hosting?


    Domantas G.

    Replied on July 12, 2019

    Hey, We are constantly working on improving our hosting infrastructure and making it even more faster and safer. We are building the next generation web hosting platform here ;). You can check out posts from our engineers here.

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