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Kevin is a freelance writer who specializes in technology and online content marketing. He loves making complex marketing and technology topics accessible to all readers. When he’s not glued to his screen, you can find him lost in a book, writing poetry, or running through the woods.

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21 Feb • Website

Top 25 Websites to Learn Coding for Free

Learning to code has grown over the years from just a hobby to a career. Today, you can learn coding online, entirely for free. Gone are the days...

By Kevin Wood

How to Start a Successful Online Store in 2021

The internet has made it easier than ever to make a living selling your own products. In fact, you can create your very own eCommerce store in a...

By Kevin Wood

12 Aug • WordPress

Drupal vs WordPress – Which CMS Platform is Better For You?

Choosing the right CMS for your new website is incredibly important. If you’re building out your first site, then you’re probably going to be...

By Kevin Wood

23 Jul • WordPress

Squarespace vs WordPress – Which One is Better for Your Website?

If this is your first time building a site, then WordPress and Squarespace are probably two of the most common names you’ve come across. As...

By Kevin Wood

02 Jul • Website

35+ Best Ways to Make Money Online in 2021

Maybe you want to create a separate stream of income to pay a few bills? Or, you’re simply looking for a way to replace your current job?...

By Kevin Wood

28 May • WordPress

How to Optimize Images for WordPress

Without images, most websites would look like a massive wall of text. To capture the visitor’s attention, high-quality images are a must-have....

By Kevin Wood

26 May • WordPress

30 WordPress SEO Tips to Increase Search Engine Ranking

If you want a good rank in search engine result pages, then you need to take SEO seriously. Luckily, using WordPress, your already a step ahead, as...

By Kevin Wood

24 May • WordPress

Why You Need Schema Markup and How to Add it to WordPress

When it comes to SEO, there are a lot of things you need to get right. Firstly, there is offsite and onsite SEO to think about. But, there’s...

By Kevin Wood

14 May • WordPress

What Is Xmlrpc.php in WordPress and Why You Should Disable It

WordPress has always had inbuilt features that let you remotely interact with your site. Face it, sometimes you’ll need to access your website and...

By Kevin Wood