Working Against the Threats: Introducing Malware Scanner

Working Against the Threats: Introducing Malware Scanner

There’s a constant array of threats to our computer systems, malware being one of them. 

Without a suitable malware scanner, the possibility of an attack is always a stone’s throw away, turning our everyday necessities of computer use into a stress-inducing struggle. 

And Now for the Good News…. 

We’ve released Hostinger’s Malware Scanner. It boasts a brilliant new feature that automatically scans clients’ websites and cleans all malware or partially corrupted files.

hPanel's malware scanner location

You can find the Malware Scanner among your hosting utilities on hPanel.

The Timing Is Right

We’ve been hearing of users visiting their websites only to be confronted with the abyss of malicious files cropping up on their servers. 

There have also been customers experiencing attacks without being aware of what’s going on in the first place. 

The new Hostinger Malware scanner addresses this by performing automated scans, leaving you able to focus on your day-to-day effortlessly.  

How It Works

This scanner is about as user-friendly as it comes – you don’t have to worry about any of the input as the super software scans files periodically on its own.

If malicious files are located, the system will determine if they need to be completely removed or if only part of the code needs to be removed. This way, the website itself doesn’t have to come face to face with functionality issues. 

There’s also a great dashboard feature that will provide you with details on how many malicious files were captured and what actions were performed with the file.

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