Average Web Developer Salary in 2022 and Growth Trends Beyond

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If you’re considering becoming a web developer, now is a better time to do so than ever before. Over half of the world’s population is currently connected to the internet, and the numbers are only expected to grow.

This means that more and more businesses will be looking into going online, which means the creation of more websites. This is an excellent opportunity to profit if you want to become a web developer.

This article will discuss the average web developer compensation, the current market trends, and projected demand for this profession.

Are Web Developers in High Demand? Here’s the Data

According to one study, 80% of web developers see a 25% client growth every year, with one in three specifying that their client growth increased by 50% or more. This statistic shows a huge demand for web developers within the industry, which is only expected to grow.

Of course, the demand heavily depends on the professional’s skill set, years of experience, and the offered job location. Let’s look at each of these categories to learn how they affect the demand and the compensation trends of web development.

Web Developer Salaries by Country

For this section, we will be looking at the data provided by PayScale. This company collects voluntary survey responses from professionals about their location, job salaries, and other relevant information to calculate salary medians.

We will also be looking at the summary provided by Hongkiat, as they took that data and improved on it with additional research and statistics.

Here are the top five countries that pay the most for web development services and the top five countries that pay the least.

Top 5 countries that pay web developers the most:

  1. Switzerland – average annual salary of $63,546/year
  2. Australia – average annual salary of $52,717/year
  3. United States – average annual salary of $50,900/year
  4. Denmark – average annual salary of $47,775/year
  5. Germany – average annual salary of $45,108/year

Top 5 countries that pay web developers the least:

  • India – average annual salary of $4,605/year
  • Indonesia – average annual salary of $5,347/year
  • Egypt – average annual salary of $6,912/year
  • Kenya – average annual salary of $9,467/year
  • Argentina – average annual salary of $10,917/year

As you can see, the differences in national average salaries for web developers vary highly from country to country. We will focus solely on the US job market for the next few sections to make it easier to navigate the web development industry and its dependencies.

Starting Salaries of Web Developers

According to calculations, the average salary for junior web developers in the US is estimated to be $61,688/year, which works out to an average of $29.66/hour.

Of course, the starting average developer salary can vary depending on the company location, your experience, the programming languages and skills you know, and the current market rate.

However, if you’re a US-based junior web developer, this estimation can help you get an idea of what your expectations should be.

Average Salaries of Senior Web Developers

An average salary for a senior web developer in the US is $88,148/year. The same applies to web developers that have at least four years of experience in the industry.

Again, the actual average web developer salary depends on the location of your employer and yourself, your skills, current job position, and experience level. However, this is a good guideline of what to expect if you stick around the industry for a while.

Web Developer Salary by Skill Set

One of the most critical aspects determining the average salary for a web developer is their skill set.

There primarily exist three main categorization types – front-end web developer, back-end web developer, and full-stack web developer.

Each position tackles a different side of website creation and requires knowledge of different tools. Let’s have a look at them in more detail.

Front-End Web Developer Salary

Front-end developers work on the visuals and the user experience of the website. They ensure the website’s design functions as needed, including the buttons, navigation, internal links, and other interactive aspects of the site.

A front-end web developer realizes the design fundamentals and ideals of the website by using CSS, HTML, and JavaScript programming languages.

An average yearly wage of a front-end developer, according to the resources below:

Using these resources, we can calculate the overall average pay of a front-end developer in the US – $87,200/year.

Back-End Web Developer Salary

Back-end developers primarily work on other technology that powers the website from behind the scenes, such as databases and servers. They ensure the architecture of the website is functional and stable.

In more detail, back-end developers write code that communicates the database information to the visitors. They also ensure that the user-facing part of the website can exist and function smoothly.

Here are some calculations from reliable sources of a back-end developer’s average yearly pay:

Following our calculations based on these findings, we find that a back-end developer can expect to earn around $101,300/year on average.

Full-Stack Web Developer Salary

A full-stack web developer is someone knowledgeable in both previously mentioned skill sets. This means they can build fully functional user-facing websites and develop excellent back-end infrastructures to support them.

A good full-stack developer has the skill set to build an entire online project alone, which is why they are becoming the most sought-after kind of professional in the web development market.

Here are the calculations of an average yearly salary outlook of a full-stack developer, according to these resources:

Using this information, we can claim that an overall average is $87,300/year.

Web Developer Salaries by Programming Languages

Another essential aspect that affects a web developer’s compensation is their knowledge and use of programming languages. On the most basic level, these languages are used as instructions that direct computers through commands.

Here is a list of the top 10 programming languages worldwide, ordered by popularity and demand, and followed by the average salary:

Programming languagePopularity (percentage of developers that use it)Average wage per year worldwide

Average Salaries for WordPress Developers

WordPress developers work with the infrastructure of the WordPress platform to improve existing features or create new ones. This includes working with WP plugins, themes, web design, and the overall WordPress core.

The pay range of a WordPress developer varies depending on their years of experience, skills, career stage, and location.

Here is some data we found on average yearly compensation:

We calculated that a US-based WordPress developer position could help you earn approximately $54,200/year using these averages.

Web Developer vs Web Designer Salaries

Both web developers and web designers specialize in building websites. These professions require knowledge of coding and a thorough understanding of web applications.

The main difference between these two careers is that a web designer primarily works with the design of the website and the user experience that it provides. In contrast, a web developer is expected to engage with the more technical side of development. Despite their differences, both professions have a high demand in the industry.

According to PayScale, the average yearly pay of a web developer in the US is $59,893, while that of a web designer is $50,741. The difference in the paygrade heavily depends on the skills, years of experience, and the full job title of the professional.

What Skills Do You Need to Become a Highly-Paid Web Developer?

Being a web developer is more than just a job title. To become a real professional, you have to possess a variety of hard and soft skills.

Aside from the programming languages and technical knowledge, you should also have these skills:

  • Communication skills. Talking to clients is an important part of the web developer job. Understanding their wants and needs is essential to create a website they require, which is where both communication and presentation skills come into play.
  • Analytical skills. Coding and web development require good analytical skills and attention to detail. Problem-solving is a huge part of being a web developer, which is why most employers have this requirement at the top of their list.
  • Time management. You’ll be expected to finish most projects independently. While that’s a great perk of the job, you’ll have to carefully manage your time to ensure deadlines are met on time.
  • Thirst for knowledge. Computer science is an industry that never stops evolving. Meaning, your career will be one long learning opportunity that should never be dismissed if you want to stay relevant.

To stay relevant within the industry, you should know what will be trending in the near future. Use this information as an inspiration for what your focus should be on.

Here are some ideas of what is projected to be trending in 2021:

  • Single-page apps (SPA). Single-page apps run within a browser and do not require you to change pages in order to display new data. This improves the user experience as this function makes browsing that much faster.
  • Progressive Web Apps (PWA). Progressive Web Apps are essentially websites that act and feel like apps. They work on any device, can be installed on their home screens, and usually don’t need any network connection to work.
  • Artificial Intelligence Development. There are many ways that AI can be implemented in web development. It can analyze user behavior, provide customer support (chatbots), and automate many web maintenance tasks.
  • WebAssembly. WebAssembly allows the code written in any programming language to be converted to bytecode, which can run in a browser.
  • Voice Search and navigation. According to Google, 27% of people already use the voice search tool on their mobile devices, and the numbers are increasing.
  • Native Apps. Designed specifically for a single mobile operating system, native apps provide a better user experience and more powerful performance. Also, most of the native apps can function with no network connection.


If you are considering new career paths to explore and have some experience in the IT industry, a web developer position could be just what you’re looking for. Job search websites are full of employers offering web developer jobs with generous compensation throughout the United States.

However, if the job of a web developer doesn’t sound like something you’d enjoy, there exists a wide range of other IT job paths you can look into, such as:

  • Software engineer
  • Database administrator
  • Web designer
  • Cloud architect
  • Software developer
  • And many more

Do some work on your career insights, and you’ll find your next job title in no time. Keep in mind that the IT industry is projected to increase its market worth to $5 trillion in 2021, and the demand is bigger than the supply.

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