How to Install an Extension in Magento 1.9

Magento is a leading platform for e-commerce. Even though it is full of great features out of the box, you can extend its functionality even more. This tutorial shows you how to install an extension on Magento platform.

This tutorial assumes you are using Magento 1.9 Community version. The flow for later versions may be a little different.

What you’ll need

Before you begin this guide you’ll need the following:

  • Access to your Magento Admin area
  • Magento Connect Account

Step 1 — Finding the Extension you want to Install

Magento Connect is a great place to look for an extension or a theme. You will need to create an account on Magento Connect
before installing any extensions.
You can use the search field to look for an extension. In this example, we will be installing the Lightbox extension. Once you found a plugin, simply click on its name:

Find Magento you want to install

Step 2 — Getting the Extension Key

In the extension’s page, click Install Now:

Install now

A message requiring you to log in or register may appear:

Login or Register to magento Connect

After you have logged in, you will see the following screen:

Get extension Key

  • For Megento versions 1.5 and up, select Magento Connect 2.0 (step 1)
  • Agree with the extension license agreement (step 2)

Click on Get Extension Key to get the key and copy it:

Copy the extension key

Step 3 — Installing the Extension in Magento Admin Area

In your Magento Admin Area navigate to System –> Magento Connect –> Magento Connect Manager:

Navigate to Magento Connect Manager

In the Install New Extension section, paste the key you have copied earlier and click Install. Proceed with the installation when another tab pops up:

Install Magento Extension

You will see that installation was successful:

Extension installation was successful

The installed extension appeared in System –> Configuration:

Installed Magento Extension


You have learned how to install an extension in Magento. The same installation principle applies to Magento themes and other add-ons.

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