How to Clear Magento Cache and Reindex Data

How to Clear Magento Cache and Reindex Data

Magento caches content to improve its performance and loading speed. However, if you made some changes and cannot see them at the front end, it is possible that changes are not appearing because of cache (old content). In this tutorial you will learn 2 different ways to clear Magento cache.

Steps provided below show how to flush the cache on older Magento versions (below 2.x). However, process should be similar on newest version of Magento.

What you’ll need

Before you begin this guide you’ll need the following:

  • Access to Magento backend
  • Access to FTP server (Option 2)

Step 1 – Clearing Magento cache

Option 1 – Clearing cache via admin area

  1. First of all, access Magento administrator dashboard. Usually, it is accessed by adding /admin at the end of your domain name. Enter your credentials of administrator area and press login button.
    login magento
  2. Now access Magento Cache Management section.
    Cache management
  3. Select all blocks by pressing Select All button and press Submit button.
    Cache management
    Magento has 4 additional tools to clear different caches:

    • Flush Magento Cache – Clears files from Magento installation var/cache directory which Magento installation created itself.
    • Flush Cache Storage – Clears all the files in var/cache no matter if those files were created by Magento installation or manually.
    • Flush Catalog Images Cache – This button needs to be pressed if you have uploaded new images to your products and old images are still shown on the website instead of new.
    • Flush JavaScript/CSS Cache – This button is needed to be clicked if CSS files or Javascript Files were changed and changes do not appear on the website.

Option 2 – Clearing Magento cache manually

It is also possible to clear cache manually. There are two ways to do this:

Follow the steps below to clear cache manually:

  1. Use File Manager or FTP client and access Magento installation directory (usually it’s public_html directory).
  2. Access var/cache folder.
  3. To clear the cache, delete all the content from the /var/cache folder.

Step 2 – Re-indexing Magento data

Magento uses a complex database structure and stores a lot of information inside the database (prices, catalog data, clients, etc.). Indexing this data highly improves Magento performance. However, indexing can prevent changes to appear on the front end of your store. If you, for example, changed price of one item and still see old price on the front end, you may need to re-index data:

  1. Firstly access Magento dashboard and navigate to System -> Index Management section:
    Cache management
  2. Select all values by pressing Select All button and then submit the changes with Submit button on the right.


By finishing this tutorial you have learned 2 different ways to clear Magento cache, you also learned how to re-index Magento data. After completing all the steps provided in this tutorial all the data on your store should be refreshed and no cached information should be left.

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