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Your success is our destination. It’s our job, and we love it. That’s why everyone can get a free domain name from Hostinger! Those who get an annual Premium or Business web hosting plan receive a premium .com, .net or another classic TLD registered free of charge for the first year. With Hostinger you’ll get all the tools you need, for that perfect running start on your way to success. Join our community of over 29 million happy webmasters, and you can start working in minutes!

Free Domain Name

The two fundamentals of a strong online presence: a memorable domain name and reliable, fast web hosting. With Hostinger you get both. Now everyone can get access to a domain name completely free of charge! .com; .net; .xyz; .online; .website; .space and many other TLDs are waiting for a chance to be put to use!

Cutting-Edge Hosting

A free domain name is just the start. With Hostinger you will experience truly unlimited web hosting. The world is at your fingertips. The power of the internet is ready to be taken with a minimal investment. Some of the highest speeds in the industry, fanatical customer support and unrivalled reliability.

24/7 Expert Support

Hostinger makes sure that you’ll never be alone! Ran into an issue? A quick message to our customer success agents will get you squared right away. You can work on your project, while our expert engineers take care of the backend and server uptime. Everything from A to Z in one place.

Custom Email Name

There are two things that will make your visitors run for the hills: a subdomain, instead of a proper domain name and a business using a generic email service. Hostinger will give you a free domain so that you can make a great impression. You’ll be able to have a personalised domain based email. Imagine - Looks great, doesn’t it?

Frequently Asked Questions About Free Domains:

It’s easy! Think of a domain name as an address to your home, while the web hosting would be the actual building. If you want to find a store, you don’t look for it by coordinates. You look for it by the address.

Without domain names, we would have to memorise IP addresses, would be much harder and wouldn’t let you make a good impression with a memorable domain name!

These are the extensions with which you can get a free domain name: .com, .xyz, .net, .info .online, .tech, .store, .site, .website, .space.

Some of these domain extensions that have been recently approved as official by ICANN, so you can be sure, that with these choices you’ll be on the cutting edge!

If you want a .com or other premium TLD related domain, you’ll have to purchase an annual hosting plan, and along with your hosting package, you’ll get the option to register your very own domain name!

Other domains like .online, .tech, .store, .site, .website, .space are completely free of charge and can be registered by anyone.

The domain itself is entirely free, the only thing you need to pay for is an incredibly small ICAAN fee!

You can get a domain name for free by using our search tool, finding a name that you like and adding it to your cart! That’s all! Once you finish the checkout process and pay the small ICAAN fee, you’ll be a proud owner of your very own, personal domain!

We do it because for many years we have proudly been an ICAAN accredited registrar! Pair that with partnerships with multiple renowned registrar and a massive user base! This gives us the opportunity to share in our privilege by being able to provide the best to our users.

We at Hostinger, believe that the power of the internet to everyone. That’s why we provide hosting for some of the lowest prices in the industry and add a domain for free to boot!

The renewal fee will depend on your chosen domain extension. Here’s a list of renewal prices for each free domain that you can get:

  • .com - $10.99
  • .xyz - $11.99
  • .net - $10.99
  • .info - $13.99
  • .online - $19.99
  • .store - $19.99
  • .tech - $19.99
  • .site - $19.99
  • .website - $19.99
  • .space - $19.99

All newly registered domain names are locked for 60 days. After that, you can transfer your free domain to another registrar, but keep in mind that typically there is a transfer fee that applies to the service. Meanwhile, Hostinger won't charge you a single penny and provide you with some of the best web hosting in the industry!

Of course! That’s one of the great things with having your domain! You can have a professional looking and great domain-based email! All web hosting plans include email services by default. But we also offer enterprise email hosting plan solutions for larger sending volumes

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