Net Neutrality is What We Stand for

Net Neutrality is What We Stand for

It looks like the more we advance as humanity, the more restrictions we face in our everyday life. It’s the capitalism, the unbeatable desire for money and power that has us fighting for instances that are naturally perceived as a fundamental right. The Internet is where we go if we want to know how many grams are in one cup, or who’s the president of the USA, or how to start a business and earn money online. It has completely transformed the way we create, discover, and learn. 

At Hostinger we are always hungry for knowledge, searching for ways to perfect our services and products so that we could provide you with the best user experience. Net neutrality plays a huge role in making it all happen. Without it, Hostinger would probably be inaccessible to you.

By using fast lanes, throttling, blocking certain content or making it only available for remarkable fees, ISPs are vastly and quickly affecting not just our daily lives, but the economy too.

Hostinger stands for net neutrality and supports everyone in the fight for it. The realization of our vision and mission is strictly dependent on the free flow of information online. Only with independent online traffic, we can enable you to unlock the power of Internet by offering easy and simple web hosting solutions.

Free internet

Death of SEO, digital marketing, and small business owner

The customer is our primary focus and their success online is what matters to us the most. Without the free internet, the competition in the online market is going to disappear as it will be impossible for small businesses to establish a profitable online presence. The market will be dominated by the big players, will become inaccessible to starters, and shrink. Appearing on the first page of Google search results is going to be useless. With net neutrality, every business, startup or website is able to compete equally.

At Hostinger we strive to provide high-quality services to web developers, tech newbies, and small business owners. Basically, anyone in need of a website. However, web hosting solutions are only the first step towards a successful online presence. SEO and digital marketing are what helps you to create that presence online and transform it into something powerful. Without optimizing your website for SEO, using digital marketing means, or having equal ground to compete, your success online is just impossible. By its very nature, non-neutrality destroys the competition net neutrality has created over the years of the free Internet. Net neutrality empowers small businesses to compete with such brands as Amazon, Netflix or Twitter.

With the internet restricted and controlled by a few big corporations, it becomes an oligarchy, and it only benefits those that have the money to play the game. On top of a massive harm imposed to SEO, digital marketing, and our democracy, Internet controlled by ISPs is also a threat to any social movement. How would we find out about new disruptive technologies, startups or genius business ideas? How would we fight against oppression, organize political campaigns, or unite people towards one goal? A social activist is only able to gather thousands of people in the streets to fight the cause in minutes when his messages aren’t blocked, and his website isn’t down.

Freedom and responsibility are what drives Hostinger further. It unleashes creativity and potential to grow. It advances the technology further allowing you to perceive a better quality of life. Liberty online means the ability to express yourself without any restrictions and be visible by millions. To keep the Internet free is our responsibility and we are in the fight with you.

Hostinger was built with the idea to help EVERYONE unlock the power of internet without any discrimination, whether it be racial, financial, or geographical. It means that everyone is equally entitled to the same opportunities and possibilities online. Revoking net neutrality would likely to impose geographic and economic discrimination, leaving everyone in the USA unable to access certain content online for free, as opposed to free and unrestricted cyberspace worldwide.

Our customers are creators. They come to us and put their trust and ideas in our hands. They want to build websites, create apps and brands, develop businesses. More so they want to be successful at it. At Hostinger we are responsible for the prosperous realization of their ideas and want them to have an equal chance at success as all the big players have. Non-neutral internet naturally deprives everyone of such right by creating a biased and expensive market that is entirely dependent on those who have the money and power to dominate it. The Internet must stay free.

By providing you with the highest quality product, features, and stellar customer support, we encourage you to continue rock the internet with your indisposable ideas.

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Kristina Dailydaite / @kristinadailydaite

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Apple customer service Reply

May 12, 2018

Net neutrality is very important in today's world because the internet is being used by everyone and there are so many parameters that are applied in the use of the internet that everyone is not getting the same type of internet. So everybody should be in support of net neutrality.

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