How To Be The Best In Domain Catching? And How Getting Expired Hacker Style Domains Became A Big Project
person_outline How To Be The Best In Domain Catching? And How Getting Expired Hacker Style Domains Became A Big Project

Mike Carson, a computer programmer, explains how the need to get ‘hacker style’ domains got him to launch software as a service for others at We asked him how he started.

Can you introduce yourself? And what is the purpose of in short?

I am a programmer and is the parent company for all of my projects and I also co-founded is a domain back-ordering service for getting expired ‘hacker style’ domains (.io, ex., .ly, .me).

Getting the domain you want can be tricky, so while being among the best – why not launch a service for others

What is the story behind How did you come up with such an idea?

It never really was an idea. I just like to launch projects and you need domain names for this, and preferably good domain names. As I explored domains, I saw some expiring and tried to get them and failed, which led me to research it more closely. Eventually, I’ve got really good at it and decided to launch the software as a service for others.

How did you get your first users?

The only thing I needed to get my first users, and in fact all of my users, was to create a generic landing page for any domains ordered on You can see an example here.

When I launched, I’ve just set this landing page on all of my domains and the domains I got and suddenly a lot of people started using

Have you done everything by yourself? What were you learning when you grew? And where did you find information?

I have done mostly everything by myself – in the last few months I have a friend who is helping me. Domain drop catching is extremely competitive and there is always a lot to learn about it, so I have spent a lot of time learning about the domain name system and specifically the subtle nuances of certain ccTLDs.

And what is your income on this project? And where does it come from?

Revenue is about $100k/month – and I am planning to hit $1M for 2016 year. Revenue comes mostly from domain name sales, a small percentage is from ads.

Where did the first revenue come from and what have you done to grow it since the start?

The first revenue came in the first few days after launching and has continued since. Mostly I try to improve the system and add other types of domains in order to grow the business.

Thanks, Mike!

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