These few Perks of Hostinger Elite Affiliate Club will boost your Wallet in No Time!

These few Perks of Hostinger Elite Affiliate Club will boost your Wallet in No Time!

Hostinger is proud to present an updated and improved Affiliate marketing program! Dedicated not only to experienced affiliate professionals but also for talented and eager beginners.

For those who are new to affiliate marketing, it’s a way to quickly and effortlessly earn money online. Hostinger’s fast and free sign up gives our members an instant connection with possible buyers all over the world. As a part of our affiliate marketing program, marketers don’t have to pay any production costs or hire any staff in order to start earning money online. Here, every member earns 100% commission fee for every paying client brought in. In other words, all the money spent by a new user that came through your website go straight to your pocket.

We earn nothing.

Sounds surreal? Here’s how it became real

Hostinger is famous for its easy to use tools and products and here are a few improvements we made to simplify affiliate’s life.

World class product — key to successful affiliate marketing

With our carefully designed eye-catching banners, it is easy to direct loads of unique visitors to our website where they have a chance to purchase great and easy selling products. Our products are world class leaders in the industry, therefore active paying clients are easy to generate. After a careful research, we are confident to say that our paid commission for each sale is highest in the industry. However, 100% commission is not the only part of a successful elite affiliate program.

It is the banner that usually makes the initial connection with a potential client

The reason for our success to date is quickly and efficiently targeted competition and needs of consumers that led to the production of many distinguished banners. Every member has an access to a broad amount of the most powerful banners for their website. Attractive design, engaging text, and effective URL will only up the number of unique visitors that eventually will become clients.

We know what our clients want

One of the most important things to identify when launching a new affiliate program is the audience the product is dedicated to. At Hostinger we have a clear sense of what our client wants and what are the demands of the industry. We go hand in hand with the technology, therefore every member of our Elite Affiliate Club is confident with the product promoted. Not only do we produce a high-quality product, but we also make sure it’s a price leader in the market. With the best quality and price balance, it’s easy to earn money for beginners and experienced marketers, especially with price-sensitive audiences. We can assure each and every one of our Elite Affiliate Club member that their referred clients will not be disappointed by our product, on the contrary, they will be grateful to have been linked to us.


Interested? Here are a few other features Hostinger implemented

These two perks below were proven to be extremely comforting to most of the affiliates.

We guarantee 35-day payout.

Unlike other Affiliate Marketing programs, we don’t hold onto money that isn’t ours. With our improved unique visitor monitoring, it is easy to track when and what sales have been made, therefore there is no need to hold up any payouts! We appreciate every effort made by our marketers and are eager to reward them as soon as possible. So far our research showed us that 100% commission and quick payouts provide a comforting environment and motivation to join our Elite Affiliate club. PayPal payment methods have been put in action to deliver fast, secure and efficient payouts in various countries.

Fanatically dedicated managers

In order to satisfy our marketers and accommodate every need, we have slightly changed our infrastructure. From now on, we have a team of dedicated affiliate managers to provide fast and productive support to our vast network of affiliates. At any point of marketing in action, marketers are able to instantly contact our managers and solve any issues risen so that no money would be lost. On top of that, revised and often updated handbooks with tips and marketing tricks are available for every member to look through and improve their success rate fast. An in-depth analysis showed us most common mistakes made by affiliate marketers, consequently our know-how guide present answers to all the questions related to the use of our affiliate services and advice on how to improve marketing skills.

Hooked? Become a part of our Elite Affiliate Club and join millions of others already enjoying the perks of our prestigious affiliate marketing program

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