Hostinger Monthly Roundup: January 2018

Hostinger Monthly Roundup: January 2018

In our last blog post, we recently announced that throughout 2018, we would start writing a Hostinger Monthly Roundup of our company activities, and publishing it on our blog. We believe these monthly features will give you an insight into how Hostinger works from the inside. They will also provide you with the chance to hold us accountable for our latest products, innovations, and updates.

The first Hostinger Monthly Roundup of 2018 is about innovation and the measures we have taken to maintain our position as the world’s cheapest web hosting service provider. We will not settle for “good enough” when it comes to developing the world’s cheapest web hosting products.

During the last month, we decided to start accepting almost all forms of cryptocurrencies as a form of payment for Hostinger services. We are sure this will open up our range of web hosting products to an even wider audience of all ages, all financial circumstances, in each and every country on the planet. In line with our journey into the cryptocurrency world, we have also backed the revolutionary world’s first crypto-incentivized online education platform called
BitDegreeFinally, we have updated the design of our shopping cart function on our websites.

Read more about these below to discover what our developments with cryptocurrencies and cached content means for you.

Hostinger and cryptocurrencies

Good news for crypto enthusiasts who are looking for a cheap web hosting platform! We have introduced a new gateway, which means we can accept almost all popular cryptocurrencies in exchange for Hostinger services, including Shitcoin, CryptoKitties and the Shiba Inu favorite, DogeCoin. Please note that we do not accept ERC20 tokens apart from the BitDegree token, and we are unable to refund cryptocurrency payments. We will shortly be adding a story about why we have decided to join the cryptocurrency revolution, plus new cryptocurrencies you can use to pay for our services. Stay informed by checking out our blog later in the week!

Bootstrapping the BitDegree platform

January was a bonus month for Hostinger users who are cryptocurrency enthusiasts! We decided to bootstrap the revolutionary BitDegree online education platform. This means if you participated in the BitDegree crowdsale in December 2017, then you can exchange your BitDegree tokens (BDG) for Hostinger goods at BDG’s locked minimum value of $0.07 USD. Whilst Hostinger’s business is in web hosting, BitDegree’s shares a similar aim to ours. It aims to make education accessible to everyone across the world and pay its learners for their progress with cryptocurrencies. Discover more about why we chose to support BitDegree in this interview with Hostinger CEO, Arnas Stuopelis!

Shopping cart function design update

A design update may not be the most exciting news, but our redesigned shopping cart means we can dedicate more time to helping you develop your website. Based on your feedback, we have removed a number of misleading dropdown menus from our shopping cart function. The shopping cart is now much clearer for you to implement, and much easier for your customers to use!

hostinger office space

If you have paid for Hostinger goods with cryptocurrencies, signed up for the BitDegree platform, or experienced our new shopping cart flow, then please let us know about your UX. Your feedback is important to us!

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Daugirdas Jankus / @daugirdasjankus

Chief Marketing Officer @ Hostinger

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Ashutosh Reply

March 11, 2018

BitDegree looks good! It feels great to see the big companies like Hostinger is investing in the innovating platforms :) -Ashutosh

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